Advent Conspiracy-2022

Advent Conspiracy 2022 - Bethel Mission - Rivas, Nicaragua

Join us as we shift our focus from shopping to sharing.
We’re conspiring (in a good way) to raise money to help Bethel Mission in Rivas, Nicaragua to provide materials, equipment, and workers to build 4 classrooms and a sports facility for the kids who live near the town dump. 
Giving Goal: $38,000


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What is Bethel Mission Rivas?

Bethel Mission Rivas is a wonderful Christian ministry (connected to Merge Ministries…a Hillcrest mission partner) that serves the local community in Rivas, Nicaragua.  Their ministry is in an impoverished area of town where the primary work for much of the community is at the city dump that is located just 200 yards away. The goal of the ministry is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their neighbors, especially the children, so they have hope for their future. 

Bethel Mission Rivas aims to give tools to the community to change their future.  The most important tool they provide is introducing those around them to the love of Jesus.  This happens daily through various ministries provided by Bethel.  In this community, along with spiritual needs, education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and helping their kids and youth accomplish their dreams.  Prayers were answered earlier this year when land for a technical school was donated, which will provide educational tools for the youth.  Now, they’re praying for money to begin building their school. This is where our Advent Conspiracy comes into play.  

What is the goal for this year's Advent Conspiracy?

The monies raised this year for Advent Conspiracy will go directly to the building of this technical school and further support the ministry of Bethel.  More specifically the money will provide the materials, equipment, and workers to build 4 classrooms and a sports facility for the kids to play baseball and soccer.  The total cost of the project is $38,000.  To give to the project please use the QR code provided or designate your giving to Advent Conspiracy:  Bethel Mission Rivas.

How can we support Bethel Mission Rivas in the future?

Hillcrest will be taking multi-generational mission trips in 2023 and beyond to support the ministry Bethel Center of Hope and help in the completion of this project.  More details on these short-term mission trips will be coming soon.

How can I learn more about Bethel Mission Rivas?

To learn more about Bethel Mission Rivas visit their website at or their Facebook page at

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