FAN Club

F.A.N. (Fill A Need) Club

May Donation Request: color nail polish, sidewalk chalk and bubbles

Please bring color nail polish, sidewalk chalk and bubbles for Freedom Fire’s Friday Night Outreach (nail polish is the top item request). Bring your items and drop them off in the designated carts by the entry doors anytime in May. See below for information and how to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Filling a Need in 2017:

  • January: paper products for Restoration House
  • February: baby items for Hope Family Care Clinic
  • March: canned soup and canned meals for Harvesters
  • April: paper towels, dryer sheets and kitchen trash bags
    for Interfaith Hospitality Network

Join the Hillcrest F.A.N. Club!

Once a month, you will receive an email with some basic information about a different organization and what items are needed. You can help by donating one or more needed items each month. Participation each month is completely voluntary.

Your only commitment is to request to receive the monthly email.  You can bring the item to Hillcrest anytime during that month and drop it off in the designated carts. They are located just outside the sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and main office doors. This email will be the only contact made during the month—no follow-up calls. It’s that simple to Fill A Need!

Contact Meg at   or Mary Jo at   to sign up to receive emails.