Small Groups


Small groups are big at Hillcrest. They’re a key place for community and growth in Christ.

Adult small groups meet in homes and at Hillcrest throughout the week. We believe our faith in Jesus is strengthened (and stretched) in community!

Small groups gather to growUP in loving God, IN by loving others and OUT by joining God in serving others.

Small groups may look different, but they share these 4 essentials:

  1. Relationships: cultivating a safe place of knowing one another and being known for the purpose of encouraging one another in our journey with Christ; caring for one another in and outside of group gatherings
  2. Bible: engaging in conversation about God’s Word to grow in our understanding and application of God’s Word in all aspects of life
  3. Prayer: talking with God and praying for others
  4. Service: living outward by extending God’s love to a hurting world 

Fall small groups run for 8-10 weeks beginning the week of September 10 through the week of October 29/November 12. Groups are encouraged to meet between sessions (monthly or every other week) to keep connected to Christ and to one another. The winter small group session will begin February 4.


Personally connect with small group leaders and others who are interested in joining a group on Group Link Sunday August 27, 2017 after worship services in Hillcrest’s lobby.

New: Small Group Finder! Connect with a small group leader with our Small Group Finder. Just email the leader with your interest in joining their group.

Small Group Finder

New for fall: Group Childcare Reimbursement Option. Hillcrest will reimburse groups for a portion of childcare costs of young children (10 and under) incurred during the fall and spring sessions, so that the cost of childcare is not an obstacle to participating in an adult group. Speak with a small group leader for more details. (Each group decides how to approach childcare.)

Small is big! We believe we are created for community, called to community and that small groups are one of the key places to engage in community that help us become more like Jesus in every area of our lives. 

Click here for a pdf of all the details above.

Click here for a Quick Look at the four study options for small groups this fall.

Winter/Spring 2018: (ten weeks from February 4 to April 8) Groups will journey through Beginnings (the first five books of the Old Testament,) from Immerse: The Covenant Bible Reading Experience.

Email   if you are interested in joining a small group for the next session. Questions? Contact Claire McClun, Associate Pastor of Adult Discipleship or email  .