Middle School

At Hillcrest, Middle School youth can experience God's love in real and relevant ways through Sunday morning student services at the Student Center as well as a variety of activities throughout the week. Each student has opportunities to connect with each other and learn more about their faith. 

At 10:45 AM, MS 6th to 8th join us for worship, small groups in the Student Center.

At 9 AM, middle school youth are encouraged to attend the service in the sanctuary or serve in a ministry at Hillcrest. 

Who and What to Expect

You can expect to meet kids from different schools and areas. You'll see students in jeans, shorts, dresses and sweatshirts. Come as you are! You'll meet our Youth Pastor and some great interns. Our hope is that you'll relax into a morning of worship songs, a biblical sermon, and learning more about God. 

Youth Waiver 2016-2017 Attend One-Serve One

Summer Schedule


12-15 -VBS
13- FRANKLIN PARK || Time: 1pm-2pm
27- FRANKLIN PARK || Time: 1pm-2pm 


2- ROYALS FAMILY DAY/TAILGATE - click here to sign up || Cost: $10/person || Transportation provided by each family || Time: 10:45 - end of the game.
11- FRANKLIN PARK || Time: 1pm-2pm
12- WORLDS OF FUN  || click here to sign up || Cost: $35 || Time:9:30am-4:30pm  || Registration deadline is July 2.
26- FRANKLIN PARK || Time: 1pm-2pm


1- FRANKLIN PARK || Time: 1pm-2pm
6- SPORTING KC FAMILY NIGHT || click here to sign up || Cost: $25/ticket || Time: 7:30pm || Registration deadline August 1
9- STREET CAR-SCAVENGER HUNT || click here to sign up || Cost: Free || Time: 6pm-9pm || Registration deadline August 1

Save the Date | 2018

SKI TRIP - February 8-11