Middle School

At Hillcrest, Middle School youth can experience God's love in real and relevant ways through Sunday morning student services at the Student Center as well as a variety of activities throughout the week. Each student has opportunities to connect with each other and learn more about their faith. 

At 10:45 AM, MS 6th to 8th join us for worship, small groups in the Student Center.

At 9 AM, middle school youth are encouraged to attend the service in the sanctuary or serve in a ministry at Hillcrest. 

Who and What to Expect

You can expect to meet kids from different schools and areas. You'll see students in jeans, shorts, dresses and sweatshirts. Come as you are! You'll meet our Youth Pastor and some great interns. Our hope is that you'll relax into a morning of worship songs, a biblical sermon, and learning more about God. 

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June 19-25 | High Impact

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Confirmation at Hillcrest was developed in an effort to help our middle school students wrestle with those questions so they understand how God sees them with hope that through doing so, they will take ownership of their faith! They probably don't see themselves the same way, yet it's so incredibly important for them to know that God is making them into something special. With that being the “big idea” of confirmation I want to give you a quick snapshot of what we will be doing in confirmation to help our 7th graders chase after that goal.

There are three words that I want to use to describe the confirmation experience:  Big, small and one. 


represents the monthly large group gathering of all the confirmands (see these dates below). The purpose of this time will be to learn about the area of focus for the month.  Typically the teaching will involve more hands on learning experiences (i.e.  Going as a group to Freedom Fire to learn about serving others.).


is all about confirmands growing in their relationship with God by surrounding themselves with a small group of peers their age (this group will meet at the monthly “big” event) for spiritual encouragement and accountability. 


is focused on setting up our confirmation students to grow closer to God on a one-on-one basis using risk, scripture, church and prayer.  More specifically confirmands will be given monthly assignments (we will email these assignment to you when you register) that will help them to grow in those area’s.  Knowing the busy schedules of 8th graders we have set up these assignments each month with a lot of flexibility built in. Completion of the other assignments are up to each confirmand.  We only ask that assignments are not rushed through, they are completed in the month they are assigned and you as a parent sign the bottom of the page after reviewing the assignment with your kid.  

Here is a little more detail into what the assignment will look like:

- Serving Other – Each month spend at least 2 hours serving others (at church, community, school, etc.)

- Moment Maker Family Event – Each month (as a family) you will create a “Moment Maker” event to do together (more info on this event at parents meeting).

- Scripture Memory - Each month scripture passages will be memorized and applied to their life.

- Service Notes – Each month take notes on any two church services during the month.

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Confirmation Assignments