Our Stories

Our Stories is an original podcast featuring examples of authentic and courageous living as told by individuals in our Hillcrest church family. Sharing our stories connects us more deeply to one another and shows how God takes ordinary life circumstances and uses them in extraordinary ways. Available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. 

Episode #1-Sarah Signer

Sarah is a licensed social worker who helps kids overcome the kinds of obstacles she experienced as a girl. Hear how she moved from a chaotic upbringing, down a dark path and ultimately into a grace-filled relationship with God.

Episode #2-Chet Hanson

Chet is a singer and poet. Hear about his childhood in foster care, his time in the entertainment industry, how he met his wife, how we are never too sinful to be forgiven, and how he shares Jesus with love in his everyday life.

Episode #3-David Brymer

David is an artist, songwriter, and worship leader. Hear what it was like growing up in a musical family, how he found his voice in songwriting, his life-changing experiences in the Middle East, and how he sees God at work in the world.

Episode #4-Mark Cook

Mark is an artist and color expert in the paint department at Lowe's. Hear how through the process of color selection for their home project, Mark helps people through life transitions.

Episode #5-Gretchen Gordon

Gretchen is Hillcrest's Weekday Preschool Director. She married her high school sweetheart and loves being a mom to two fabulous daughters. Gretchen has seen God's protection in her life and trusts that God will continue to show up in her life story.

Episode #6-Larry Williams

Larry retired from his position as Hillcrest's Executive/ Missions Pastor at the end of 2020. Hear about his heart for missions, his time with Youth for Christ, how motocross is like ministry, and his return to family in Wisconsin.

Episode #7-Jessica Fick

Jessica is a speaker and the author of Beautiful FeetHear how Jessica and her family made their way to KC and Hillcrest, learn about some of her creative endeavors, and discover her heart for helping others share Jesus in a very relational way. 

Episode #8-Mary Ann Bettis

Mary Ann is a wife, mother and grandmother of eight! Hear how her family, the family of believers, and music met her during times of depression. Through it all, she came to trust that, "God will make a way where there seems to be no way."

Episode #9-Graham Schlaikjer

Graham grew up at Hillcrest, serves in middle school ministry and was newly elected to the Nominating Team. Hear about Graham's journey from awkward to engineering and how involvement in community helped him find a faith of his own.

Episode #10-Camilo Benitez

Camilo Benitez moved to the United States from Equador to pursue a career in professional soccer. Hear how moving to another country helped Camilo develop a willing heart and learn how to be obedient to the Word of God.

Episode #11-Janie Tyler

Janie has served on our Hillcrest staff for the past 15 years. As she transitions off the staff team, hear about her experiences and her heart for what God has next for her life.

Episode #12-Jessica Beystrum

Jess is moving from Sunday Preschool Director to Weekday Preschool. Hear about her and Scott's journey through infertility, toward adoption, and how it has given her strength, patience, and what it means to wait on God's timing.

Episode #13-The Stephens

Carl and Emma (Tyler) are mission partners with Hillcrest. Emma grew up at Hillcrest and met Carl in college. Hear about their call to serve in missions with young adults and families in East Asia. Together they are moving to Tokyo to share the gospel and build church communities among the next generation of Japan.

Episode #14-Wilma Riddell

Wilma's life has five chapters. Hear about her preparation for life as a missionary, life in what is now Zimbabwe, marriage to Homer Anderson and joining Hillcrest, a search for God's next step and marriage to Bill Riddell, and her life now in her retirement community.

Episode #15-Cathy Tilden

Cathy Tilden is a mom, teacher and founder of Sonrise Ministries. Hear about how God walked with her through chronic illness by offering his grace, healing and ultimately, freedom! She now shares that same hope and healing with others through teaching and personal ministry.

Episode #16-Dori Brown

Dori Brown is retiring from Hillcrest after almost 23 years. Hear about all the different ministry areas where Dori has served over time and how she is looking forward to the next chapter in her life with God.

Episode #17-The Answers

Darryl and Stephanie Answer, co-pastors of New Community Covenant Church in Kansas City, MO. Hear about the growth and connection they've experienced, even during the pandemic and how we can pray and support New Community.

Episode #18-Brad Bergfalk

Brad Bergfalk, our departing Interim Lead Pastor discusses what he has enjoyed the most about his time in Kansas City, lessons learned, and parting words for Hillcrest.

Episode #19-In development

Check back here as new episodes become available.

Episode #20-In development

Check back here as new episodes become available.


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