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FAITH: A Conversation Guide for Parents of Elementary Kids

May 24: K-3 Bible Story Video

May 24: K-3 Parent Guide

May 24: K-1st Home Activities

May 24: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

May 24: 4th-5th Bible Story Video

May 24: 4th-5th Parent Guide

May 24: 4th-5th Home Activities

May 17: K-3 Bible Story Video

May 17: K-3 Parent Guide

May 17: K-1st Home Activities

May 17: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

May 17: 4th-5th Bible Story Video

May 17: 4th-5th Parent Guide

May 17: 4th-5th Home Activities

May 10: K-3 Bible Story Video

May 10: K-3 Parent Guide

May 10: K-1st Home Activities

May 10: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

May 10: 4th-5th Bible Story Video

May 10: 4th-5th Parent Guide

May 10: 4th-5th Home Activities

May 3: K-3 Bible Story Video

May 3: K-3 Parent Guide

May 3: K-1st Home Activities

May 3: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

May 3: 4th-5th Bible Story Video

May 3: 4th-5th Parent Guide

May 3: 4th-5th Home Activities

April Elementary

April 26: K-3 Bible Story Video

April 26: K-3 Parent Guide

April 26: K-1st Home Activities

April 26: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

April 26: 4th-5th Bible Story Video

April 26: 4th-5th Parent Guide

April 26: 4th-5th Home Activities

April 19: K-3 Bible Story Video

April 19: K-3 Parent Guide

April 19: K-1st Home Activities

April 19: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

April 19: 4th-5th Bible Story Video

April 19: 4th-5th Parent Guide

April 19: 4th-5th Home Activities

April 12: Bible Story Video

April 12: K-3 Parent Guide

April 12: K-1st Home Activities

April 12: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

April 12: 4th-5th Parent Guide

April 12: 4th-5th Home Activities

April 5: Bible Story Video

April 5: K-3 Parent Guide

April 5: K-1st Home Activities

April 5: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

April 5: 4th-5th Parent Guide

April 5: 4th-5th Home Activities

March Elementary

March 29: Bible Story Video

March 29: K-1st Home Activities

March 29: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

March 29: 4th-5th Home Activities

March 22: Bible Story Video

March 22: K-1st Home Activities

March 22: 2nd-3rd Home Activities

March 22: 4th-5th Home Activities 


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