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Welcome to Weekday Preschool!

We consider it an honor to be a part of your child's early education experience and to share in the life of your family!

Our top-notch teachers engage each child in a variety of fun and developmentally appropriate learning activities, while nurturing and encouraging them as a whole person. We value a holistic approach in teaching children with teacher modification along with state learning guidelines. We believe students and teachers are partners in shaping the learning experience and development for life-long learning.  

At Hillcrest Weekly Preschool, children experience a safe and welcoming classroom that fosters growth and promotes positive learning experiences. Our program reflects Christian values, inspires an appreciation for the world around them, and builds a foundation for future success.


Preschool Enrollment Forms 2024-2025 (Includes Medical Record / Health Assessment/Authorization for Emergency Medical Care)

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Weekday Preschool Enrichment Activities Can Include:
* Music Classes
* Pumpkin Patch
* Fire Station
* The Story Teller

Summer Playground Club

2s Curriculum, Learning Goals, and Class Hours

The 2s curriculum provides age appropriate learning activities which include shape, color, and alphabet recognition, as well as activities to increase large and small motor development. Combined with simple biblical concepts, these activities provide a positive learning experience.

2s Key Experiences

Increase listening skills and attention span
* Follow simple one and two step directions
* Increase interactive social skills
* Develop and increase fine and large motor skills
* Introduce basic colors, shapes, songs and the use of coloring supplies
*Help children transition seamlessly

Class Hours

2s: 9 AM - 3 PM

3s, 4s and Pre-K Curriculum, Learning Goals, and Class Hours

Through our curriculum—built upon weekly thematic units—children engage in literature and art-based activities, creative and dramatic play, and hands-on experiences. A variety of teaching methods meets the learning styles of each child and allows for individual growth and development and a positive self image.

3s, 4s and Pre-K Learning Goals: 3s Key Experiences  4s and Pre-K Key Experiences

* Recognize letters of the alphabet and identify their sounds
* Write letters, short words and short sentences
* Strengthen the understanding of opposites, sorting, matching, similarities and differences, and sequencing
* Learn phone number and address
* Identify and write numerals 1-20
* Compare number and amount: more, less, and same
* Experience and compare time intervals
* Investigate and label the attributes of objects
* Arrange two sets of objects in one-to-one correspondence

*Social skills and interactions

Class hours

3s, 4s and Pre-K: 9 AM to Noon / Extended days Noon - 3 PM

Our staff

Gretchen Gordon, Weekday Preschool Director | 913-901-2317 | 

Jen Gentry

Mona Casey

Erin Stanfield

Lorie Casemier

Danita Pieper

Krista Tompkins

Karen Bowden

Susan Freedman
Erin Rawson

Amy Franz

Dannica Sturgeon


For more information or a tour of our facilities, contact Gretchen Gordon, Preschool Director.

913-901-2317 |

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