Current Series

Moving Out | Inspiration from the book of Acts

When the first church began, it was shaped by the teaching of several leaders. God spoke through them to inform His people of what it meant to be part of this new movement on earth. It was a movement for all people. Everyone was welcome to join in. What can we learn from these first sermons in that very first church?


We are created for relationships, love, and affection. At the same time we struggle to welcome those who express their sexuality differently. God has spoken through Scripture about the importance of love and our expressions of love. In our culture today sexuality and gender continue to be redefined. What does it mean to welcome everyone in this area of sex and gender?

Joyful Noise

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is the music. The songs of David speak of the One who would arrive on earth to set things right. At Christmas we celebrate the Promised One who brings us life, hope, and new life.

Holy Objects-Marking the Reality of God

The Tabernacle was a sanctuary tent the Israelites carried through the wilderness travels during the lifetime of Moses. It represented the presence of God among them. God gave very specific instructions about the furniture that would fill this moving worship center. How does the Tabernacle furniture point us toward Jesus and the appointments He has for our souls?

Unstuck-A Total Fail in the Book of Judges

What controls you, rules you. We so often settle for lesser gods and heroes. The Old Testament book of Judges tells the story of people trying to live their lives without the truth, grace, and power of their loving God. Join us this summer to find out what happens when everyone does what is right in their own eyes. Spoiler Alert: it isn't pretty!

Faith Everyday

Follow the stories of six people who are seeking to live out their faith in the everyday of their ordinary lives. We'll hear from people in our faith community who are pursing new life by following Jesus, welcoming everyone, and loving all.

Spring Training: Building Spiritual Strength

Most of us want to influence the people around us. We want to make a positive difference in our families, workplaces, schools, and communities. Jesus was able to change the lives of those around Him because He practiced spiritual training. As we follow Jesus, we will engage in these training habits as well.


Life is full of tension. Many times this tension appears when our beliefs clash with our broken culture and world. If you are seeking to live in authenticity then you will need to consider the tensions that challenge how we live out our faith.

Pursuing New Life

Our vision, pursuing new life together in Jesus, means we follow Jesus, welcome everyone, and love all. It is a vision that keeps us connected to our Lord, creating a place of belonging for all people, and expressing love in practical ways in our backyard and around the world.


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