Current Series

Spring Training: Building Spiritual Strength

Most of us want to influence the people around us. We want to make a positive difference in our families, workplaces, schools, and communities. Jesus was able to change the lives of those around Him because He practiced spiritual training. As we follow Jesus, we will engage in these training habits as well.

Every Life is Sacred

Life is a gift from God. He is the author of life and created each person in His image. Sanctity of Life Sunday is a time to remember that all life is valuable because of Jesus. 

Small Things

It's being faithful with the little things, like seeds, yeast and salt that can make a big difference. As we begin a new year, we'll explore how when we're faithful in the little things we will be entrusted with greater things.

Simple Christmas

We're all searching for ways to unclutter, uncomplicate, unplug, and find simplicity. This Christmas, we're turning to God's eternal messages of hope, peace, joy and love as we reconnect with rest, less, space and grace during this season of anticipation and celebration.

Wandering, Not Lost

Wandering, Not Lost uses real stories from the life of Moses to help us think about how we live our lives. We'll explore the pace we set, what we focus on, who we invite in, the work we make time for, how we deal with anger, and more.

Looking Forward with Hope

Annual Celebration of what God has done over the past year and what he is doing in our midst as we look forward with hope.

Telling Our Story

Join us as we hear stories of people of faith—from Scripture and Hillcrest—that inspire us and call us back to community together.


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